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About St Michael’s Priory

St Michael’s Priory is a house of the Society of the Sacred Mission (SSM), an Anglican religious order.  The first SSM brothers came here in 1973, and the women and men who comprise today’s community continue to live the values of SSM’s founder, Herbert Kelly.

The life of the Priory is centred around the daily rhythm of prayer and work.  St Michael’s is a place of peace, encounter and welcome; and our community life provides a space where all may meet as one, in Christ.   We seek to share our life with all who come here and we welcome all around our common table. Strangers soon become friends, and those new to our life will find space to pray, somewhere to enjoy the silence of the gardens or enjoy our food.

The religious community at the Priory finds God in contemplation, action and prayer, and in mission and ministry.  St. Michael’s is a sign of peace and hope, not only for our town and region, but to a world which is broken and which seeks renewal and new life.

Sorry but we are temporarily unable to offer residential retreats. Ask us about a day retreat!