St. Michael's Priory, Newport Rd, Willen, Milton Keynes, MK15 9AATel: 01908 242190 Email:

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A deposit of £10 is required for a day retreat and 25% of the total cost for Residential Retreats.

Book a retreat

To book please contact us at or on 01908242190.

Retreat typeCost
Day Retreat£25 per person per day
Guided Day Retreat £40 per person per day
Residential Retreat£50 per person per day
Guided Residential Retreat £50 per person per day,
plus £10 per guided session


In certain circumstances bursaries are available for retreats, please contact the Prior for further details: 

Retreat types

Individual retreat
An individual retreat is for the person who wishes to spend time alone, for prayer and contemplation.

Guided retreat
A guided retreat, is where the Retreatant is supported by a Spiritual Director or companion who will meet with them for a short time each day, to discuss and support.